Thursday, June 5, 2014

How Sweet It Is

And Away We Go

Hum3 Red Head .jpg
Anna in a tree

This interview with Robert Lustig describes the physical mechanism of excess sugar in our bodies and the widespread damage it is causing to society.

Around Sunset FXd.jpg
Around sunset Monday (iPhone 5c)

The ‘lake’ in which the sunset is reflected is the roof of my Buick. I washed the dirt off on Saturday and it looks so much nicer without it. No water was wasted in the cleaning of this vehicle. I went to the do it yourself car wash up Lake Blvd that recycles the wash water.

Crystal Ball.jpg
Look into the crystal ball

Wednesday the temperature got up to 106 degrees in some parts of Redding. Tomorrow will be cooler. The forecast calls for a high of only 104.

Primary Moon.jpg
Tuesday night moon

The Phil Seymour Band will rehearse this Sunday and Peggy and Phil (P&P) will play here at the Treehouse on Monday. Then both will go on vacation for 2 or 3 weeks so my June 11 eye surgery can heal properly.

PSB w Mel in Garage.jpg
PSB rehearsing in Mark’s garage

I am glad to have this opportunity to have the retina in my right eye repaired. It is amazing to be the recipient of this futuristic procedure. Science and technology have been advancing at a pace that makes what was impossible yesterday, commonplace today. Best of all, I get to see this happening within my own eye. What a world.

Golden Lily 3 FX.jpg
Golden lily

Every so often, I have the pleasure of seeing something beautiful and taking a picture that captures that vision. That happened Wednesday evening when I was going out to take some pictures of Jackie’s vegetable garden.

I saw a flash of gold glimmering in the shade of the fence in the other direction from Jackie’s vegetable garden, so I made a detour and gazed upon and photographed a few moments of light, shadow, color and magic. Good fortune.

Today’s Video;

Living Water

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