Sunday, June 15, 2014

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Like a Blowing Burger Wrapper

Wild rose and brambles in lot behind ‘A’ building

I went to Office Depot the other day to get some paper and envelopes. Things have changed since they merged with Office Max.

All brambles gone from other side of the fence

As of now, packages that used to contain 100 sheets of standard 8 ½ X 11 photo paper for $9.95, only have 50 sheets for $13.95.

There used to be several weights and textures of A9 greeting card envelopes in different shaded gradients, color combinations, and no lick flaps. Now there is only one white A9 style in a flimsy box of 100 and you lick-em.

Back Stroke.jpg
Caught in mid-hover stroke

This is the competitive corporate approach to business; reduce inventory, reduce payroll, and keep the cost of doing business low. That process has been raising CEO salaries while bankrupting companies since 1974. (Pacific Stereo comes to mind, as does Circuit City).

Just think, we almost had one of those short sighted money chaser CEO’s as our president last election. We were lucky that people weren’t quite dumb enough to elect that greedy nincompoop.

Beak and flower made for eachother

How did congress become so stupid?  The answer can be found 25 years ago when Republicans insisted on performing, “The Big Lobotomy”.

Dean Rose.jpg
Dean’s red rose

Upload and download speeds on the information highway

I was thinking that AT&T had already begun throttling down the broadband for non-Uverse, customers, like me. There seemed to be a whole lot of buffering, long loading times and sticky streaming going on where that hadn’t been a problem until recently.

I C U.jpg
Sunglasses hide eye surgery

A couple of weeks ago I saw that there was a refurbished Netgear 600mbs wireless router for sale online at a low price and with free shipping. I ordered it. It arrived yesterday.

Young At Heart.jpg
Treehouse patio rose

I hooked it up last night and began using it today.
Netgear N600 Dual Band Wireless Router...Vastly improved broadband performance.

That $17.95 investment was well worth it.

Today’s Beautiful Video;

Save With Solar Power

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