Monday, June 23, 2014

Why Organic?

What Difference Does It Make?

Tasted Good.jpg
Pie Filling? Just organic Granny Smith and Fuji apples

My physical being is my home, do I want to build it out of artificial low grade materials? 

No thanks.

North Row 2.jpg
Looking into roseworld

Then there is the taste, texture and other pleasant qualities that are part of natural, organic foods. Try this experiment; Get 2 ripe bananas, one organic and one not.

You will notice that the non organic banana will taste bland and have an unpleasant feeling in your mouth when compared to the the flavor and texture of the organic one. (Taste the organic one first. Pesticide content in mass produced produce tends to dull ones taste buds.)

Pic of Video.jpg
iPhone pic of Lumix FZ35 capturing drip coffee process

Last night’s coffee experiment involved changing the filter holder from the standard flat bottom type to a Melita holder and filter. The coffee was fresh ground organic, fair trade, shade grown medium roasted beans from Honduras.

There is a distinctive difference in flavors between coffee brewed through the different shaped holders and filters. The Melita filter produced a sweet finish and a mild body. The Rival produces a toasted finish on a chocolate-like base.

Lot Lillies.jpg
Raley’s parking lot daylilies

The more years lived eating unsalted, unsweetened real food, the richer and more exquisite the eating experience has become. This is a wonderful addition to the joys that life already gives in abundance.

Singin Harmony Oats.jpg
So, sow

The evening breeze rattles the frame and whips the fabric of the ragged patio umbrella.

I find that sound musically pleasant like the scratching of a wind blown tree branch or the clatter of a loose storm shutter.

We use shutters to shut out the storm. Ha ha, great word.

Angel In The Sun.jpg
Angel in the sun

Today’s Video;

Boundless Wonders

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