Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Unexpected

Wrapped In The Present

Isn't It Rich.jpg
Much nicer than I planned

There were several subjects that I considered for tonight’s blog, so I took several sets of appropriate pictures to support the different themes.

The theme that interested me most is the one in which I am most involved presently. The odd, the fascinating, and the new stuff in my life as a result of eye surgery.

Soft Flesh Rose.jpg
Enchantment softly revealed

One of the entertaining manifestations I am observing is the stuck aperture of the repaired eye. I suppose that it will eventually re-establish normal iris functionality, but for now it reminds me of the cartooning trick to emphasize looney-ness in a character.

Wide Eyed C.jpg
Healing beautifully

The open aperture causes me to squint in the light, even wearing shades. “I’d better eats me some spinach”.

Fuji Gala Granny Smith.jpg
Fuji, Gala, Granny Smith apple pie

Making a pie seems to be good for my recovery. I keep my face down while preparing the apples, and it takes about 10min to assemble a pie for baking.

This is good. Cooking is on the list of things one can do after retina and macula repair surgery.  Of course the organic, natural ingredients are part of a nutritious, healthy diet.

Matched Set.jpg
Beauty from twisted, gnarly, stunted bush

Spending a lot of time facedown is beginning to affect my back pain management routine. One of the things I had eliminated through experiment and experience over time was sleeping on my stomach. You know, “face down”.

As luck would have it, I only have to keep aggravating my back for 2 or 3 weeks until the gas bubble disappears from view. Small price to pay for restored vision in my right eye. 

The recovery experience is becoming more interesting each day. And I thought I would be bored just laying around, slowly healing.


Hummer and Agapanthus outside office door

Yesterday, I got lucky and a hummingbird visited some agapanthus while I was focused on the flowers. I got a few nice shots, like the one I used in yesterdays blog showing how the bird’s beak fit perfectly in the agapanthus flower.

I was making a Treehouse Flowers DVD this morning to play on the TV in the mailroom and I realized there was one shot of the hummer that would print wonderfully on the disk with room and balance for text. After a bit of graphic magic, the picture was perfect.

Distinctive Horizon.jpg
Lassen today, Tuesday

Not a lot of snow on Mt Lassen at this time, but one never knows. Last year we got a significant snowfall on Lassen around the end of June.

On the other hand, this looks like an El Nino summer approaching, so who knows whether rain or snow will be part of that. One thing for certain, each season, each year, has been warmer than the year before, and that will only worsen as we continue extracting, transporting, buying, selling, and burning fossil fuels. It is a crime against future life on earth.

Sunny Disposition C.jpg
Sunny disposition

Each day I can see a little better and read a little longer. I feel so very fortunate to be alive here and now. What a glorious present.

Then there are all the wonderful people who have been giving their gifts of food, smiles, phone calls, and best wishes for my speedy recovery. What a good life I have been given.
Thank you.

Today’s Video;

Life - The Only Show On Earth

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