Thursday, January 15, 2015

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In our United States of America, the government is designed to provide power to us, the people, to protect our land, resources and citizens. We do this with laws, regulations and agencies to enforce them.

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Radiant red rose

We put protections in place to safeguard our resources. We need government agencies to keep industries from recklessly polluting our water, land and air. When you hear a politician or pundit stridently demanding smaller government and less regulation, it means they want to take your country away from you and give it to a handful of billionaire industrialists and bankers.

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Where I live - (photo credit: Margaret Miller)

Corporations, banks, and industry now have more representatives in public office than we the people do. The right wing campaign against democracy is close to a complete takeover of our country.

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Mount Shasta

35 years of rightwing media propaganda has scrambled the senses of significant numbers of people who are now convinced that we all should let the republican legislators weaken our constitutional rights and protections.

Kettle about to boil

Take for example the Keystone XL pipeline.

Canadian oil companies are extracting tar sands oil and paying majority Alberta tar sands leaseholder Koch industries to do so.

Foreign companies plan to use the power of eminent domain to force the XL pipeline across land owned by Americans so the oil can reach the Koch Industries tax exempt zone refinery in Texas. There the oil would be refined and pumped to tankers, shipped and sold on the world market. There is nothing in this for American people, (but Koch industries would make billions).

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Redding sunset

If you think we would be crazy to allow such an insult to good land management and commonsense, think again. The house and senate members who represent the Koch brothers have voted to proceed with the Keystone XL pipeline against the will of a majority of Americans. We can only hope our president vetoes this terrible toxic travesty.

The Republican party and conservative groups are corrupted and no longer represent the people of America. They are selling our country piece by piece. A vote for them is a vote against America.

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