Friday, January 9, 2015

To Become Smarter

Turn Off Fox News

You have probably seen headlines that read, “Fox News Makes People Stupid”, and you thought that was probably an exaggeration, or generalisation at best. Well, guess again. Surveys continue to show that people who watch Fox news, actually believe the constant 24/7 broadcasting of misinformation and fabrications on Fox News to be real news.

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If you are truly interested in the world in which you live, it would be in your best interest to limit your TV watching to 1 hour a day. I am pretty sure you would rather use your one hour watching Perry Mason or Columbo instead of wasting your hour on the stuff that Fox pretends is news.

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You can find many interesting facts, stories and discoveries by talking with real people, but you must set one basic rule; Whatever the subject, no one can repeat what they heard on TV, radio, or Scripps newspapers.

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Homeland security is maintaining the highest level of vigilance and the FBI is on extreme alert as no one knows where or when America’s biggest threat will strike next. Government sources released the name of this threat that has them all earnestly reading your email and monitoring your monitors to locate possible suspects. They are calling this threat to freedom; “CHANCE”.

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The Pentagon has ordered hundreds more drones and sent 'boots on the ground' to bases around the world. A spokesman expressed the level of fear among our military leaders, “We just don’t know where CHANCE will strike next”.

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The media's favorite old senator was seen red faced and shouting; “It’s the most evil threat that America has ever faced. We need to bomb CHANCE out of existence.

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There is a possibility that we will all be put under Martial Law for protection against this horrifying enemy. The NRA insists that everybody should buy as many guns as possible to protect ourselves from CHANCE home invasions.

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And there you have the makings for the latest FOX News CNN CBS top story, and the cover of Time magazine; The cover shot of CHANCE? A question mark.

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Margaret Miller said...

What wit you are, at the same time speaking, writing the truth. Very good. Love it.