Sunday, January 4, 2015

Meteor Showers

Fun In Summer

Creek 1.jpg
Creek at Oasis and Randolph road

Right now is the time to see the meteor showers. It’s five minutes past midnight and if it were 20 degrees warmer, I would be outside waiting to see them peak.

Nearly Full 2.jpg
The moon the night of the 3rd

I did take some pictures of the moon a few hours ago. It was a bit chilly then and it is downright cold out now. I decided I would clean up the kitchen stuff and go to bed early, (like 10:30), read for awhile and see if I could get to sleep so early in the evening.

Otherway Creek.jpg
Same creek, other direction

I was almost slumbering when I heard such a clatter in the parking lot that I had to get up and see what was the matter. It was a stubborn wheelchair lift on a van that evidently needed a half dozen tries before it transferred someone from the van to the pavement.

Espresso 2 W.jpg
Got this espresso machine at Cinderella’s Closet today

So, here I am writing a blogpost while the meteors are showering. I could be out there shivering and squinting at the north east sky looking somewhere near the big dippers handle.

It isn’t really all that cold out, it’s just that I have become accustomed to being warm and I like it. I am at an age where I know that it feels better to be warm and comfortable rather than feeling cold and creaky outside in the middle of the night.

Brandi r.jpg
Brandi wore an extra coat Saturday

So there you have my sage observation regarding stargazing; It’s fun in the summertime.

If you are out and about in Redding this coming Friday night, you might want to stop by the Post Office Saloon and Grill to see and hear the Phil Seymour Band. We will be playing from 8:30 till 11:30. Warm sounds and good times will be happening inside.

Hot And Tasty.jpg
Apple pie last Friday night

Today’s Video;

Enjoy Your Brand New Year

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