Thursday, January 22, 2015

In What Context?

It Makes A Big Difference

Studies have measured the differences of what we sense as information is translated and interpreted through our mind’s filters. (Some of Thomas Nagel’s views)

Sometimes it’s as simple as reading a title without taking the time to put on reading glasses. I glanced at the list of email from last night and my eye caught a subject line that read, “Empires of Pickles”.

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Pickle Empresses seemed interesting, but I didn’t recall that being the subject of any thread I was on the night before. I put on a pair of glasses and looked again.

It read, “Examples of Pictures”.

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Context, please? That one escapes me for I don’t recall thinking about pickles or empires. Perhaps my unconscious mind, (the ID), was wandering in a world where pickles rule.

It could also be as simple as trying to understand what I was seeing without any context to frame the thought process. If I think of context as being part of intellect, then it would explain why a lot of people fearful and/or angry by what they don’t understand.

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The angry old guy complains; “People are always yelling at me”. 

It turns out that he is hard of hearing and doesn’t hear the people frustratingly hollering; “Turn on your hearing aids!”

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Yellow, too

If I hadn’t learned that the word bandana originated in India, I would still think it was the cowboys of the old west who came up with that name. “Sorry sheriff, we couldn’t tell who robbed the stagecoach, they were all wearing bandanas.”

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If I hadn’t understood basic science, or wasn’t a budding cartoonist when they showed the 16mm movie with sound, “Our Mister Sun”, to the 8th grade junior high school class in 1958, I might not understand the mechanics of how the burning of colossal amounts of fossil fuel is the primary driver of human caused global warming and climate change.

Today’s Video;

I think this clip from Jon Stewart gives us a good look at the brightest and best of the Tea Party as they attempt to give their rebuttal to the president’s speech, or something.

Left Speechless

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