Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Bright Thing In The Sky

Can Been Seen Once Again

Welcome Back, Sunshine

Apple Pie 3.jpg
Another Apple pie

“Has anyone seen fluffy?”

An 8 foot pet alligator had been living in a Van Nuys backyard for 40 years and no one seemed to notice. Police found the gator in its box with a couple of dead cats. They asked that people in the neighborhood file a report if they lost any animals over the last 40 years.

Lassen Review 2.jpg
Lassen Park from Clover Creek Reserve

The president gave a good State Of The Union speech this Tuesday evening. I watched it on the White where they had some well designed graphics on the right hand side of the screen to enhance the subject matter as he spoke.

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Painted in Waterlogue.JPG
Playing with Waterlogue App

If someone steals your Cell Phone, you should just call the NSA and ask them where it is and who stole it.

If we are to believe they are following every phone, laptop and bluetooth headset worldwide then they should be able to help us retrieve our stolen electronics.

Shasta 2008.JPG
Mount Shasta from Clover Creek Preserve (2008)

The picture of Mount Shasta that I took with my Olympus D540Z point and shoot seven years ago from Clover Creek preserve at Shasta View Drive and Venus Way has always been a favorite.

I was going out that way Tuesday to see if I could get the peeling paint repainted on the right rear passenger door of the Buick. I packed a good tripod and planned to reshoot that shot using the Lumix FZ 35.

Shasta Review 2.jpg
Mount Shasta on Tuesday

I noticed there were a lot of new paths in the preserve for plodding, jogging and pedaling.

I tried pictures from vantage points on 2 of the paths that seemed like the right angle, but printing out the original picture to use as a guide would have been superbly helpful. I guess in addition to being my new life coach, I must learn to become a better organizer as well.

Shasta Review 3.jpg
It is a picturesque location

I enjoyed getting out on a sunny afternoon, taking pictures of this beautiful place where I live.

The Maaco trip was worthwhile, too. My warranty is still in effect on the paint job and if all goes well, I will get the strip on the door of the Buick painted next month.

At Maaco, I met a fellow photographer, writer, and traveler on the path of enlightenment; G. Randall Ford. He has a book available at Amazon. I hope to have some photography of his to share with you in a future post.

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A Sunny Disposition

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