Thursday, January 15, 2015

Developing Or Evolving

It Is Growth Either Way

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Afternoon Lassen

I don’t remember the exact moment I outgrew chasing dreams to realizing that I am living my dreams. I can look back on my path of enlightenment and see signs of this process of development that reach back to age 4. Was my life predestined or predisposed?

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One of the few front driveway roses

Does this mean that evolving from a materialistic, selfish conservative into a ‘tree-hugging’ socialist was certain to happen with me eventually because I travel the path of enlightenment?


Whatever the reason, I see stunted development and narrow vision being stamped onto the character of family and friends who obediently watch cable news and listen to talk radio teach them to fear their neighbors. They turn away from enlightenment and seek satisfaction in the material world. This doesn't seem to be making them happy.

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Further developed image

It is the process of development that makes life as a human so special and well worth living. Shared experience stimulates growth, and achievement is best accomplished as part of a communal effort. That is something I have learned from those I have met on the path so far.

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