Thursday, August 20, 2015

Finding Clarity In Obfuscation

Answers In The Questions

Pink Zin.jpg
Pink Zinnia

The pallor of wildfire smoke produces a low contrast, muted color environment that makes photography challenging in the north state these days. I am reminded of life in coastal communities where fog and low clouds persist. Where boats and buildings must be painted in bright colors so as not to be indistinguishable in the primarily gray atmosphere.

Treetop Crepes.jpg
Treetop Crepes

The sunlight Tuesday was weak but temperatures continued to stay a warm 105 degrees. That is not at all like the coastal communities where I have lived. We were happy when it warmed up to 65 on a summer day.

Warm weather is another reason I am happy to be living in Redding. Although, it is supposed to cool down to the upper 80’s next week.

Yellow Zin.jpg
Yellow Zinnia captures a falling leaf

I may have mentioned my observations of the excessively long, drawn out 2016 pre-election postulating that has been wasting peoples time and patience since 2014. (It is making lots of money for False-news and it’s echo chambers, though)

So I feel it is important that at least one voice speak with measured reason and researched information regarding the presidential election, and those who seek to be leader of the free world.

Flowers in bed with each other

Not one of the Republican hopefuls has the necessary qualifications to occupy any public office. However, since they are willing to accept the corporate funding it took to get them this far, it is not wise to ignore them completely.

Yes, I know, The Donald is telling us he has no corporate sponsors, but he is in the race as entertainment and is not an actual RNC presidential candidate, (although his candidacy would guarantee a Democrat landslide win).

Orange Zin.jpg
Orange ya glad I included this pretty zin

The republicans are throwing the most mud at the most qualified presidential candidate in the history of our democratic nation. Of course I mean Hillary Clinton. She has spent her entire adult life becoming the greatest statesman we have in America.

Song Interrupted.jpg
Song Interrupted - (taken with my iPhone)

The only other person in this race with valuable ideas is Bernie Sanders. He is a force for good and stands up for the American people. I think he is an especially effective Senator and his absence would likely weaken our side in the Americans vs Banksters battle that democrats are beginning to win.

I think he should keep stating his message through the debates, convince his followers to vote for Hillary and then return to the senate where we know he can do great things.

Smoked Sunlight.jpg
Morning glories in smokey afternoon sunlight

So that’s what I see on the political horizon regarding the 2016 elections.

There is important government business that needs to be done now. We need to complete the Iran nuclear program treaty and make sure all our nation’s infrastructure and public agencies are fully funded.

My Azera.jpg
One day I’ll trade my Azera for an electric vehicle

Now, let us begin dismantling our offensive war department, reinstate the draft, dump Homeland Security, keep closer tabs on the CIA and FBI, eliminate subsidies for fossil fuel conglomerates, and invest fully in sustainable energy research and development.

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