Saturday, August 1, 2015

Belewe Moon

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Bl Mn 1.jpg
Blue moon from the Treehouse patio 7 30 15

Last night,(Thursday), some of the residents here at the Treehouse Senior Apartments had an impromptu, once in a blue moon gathering in the dining room.

Party images - Kathern Sherwood  

Peggy Richardson and I played and sang a bunch of songs that contained the words ‘Blue’ or ‘Moon’, including Blue Moon, (which everybody sang all 4 times we played it).

I took a few moments to explain the history of the blue moon, the Gregorian calendar and Gregory the Great insisting that it have 12 months in honor of the apostles. The moon’s cycle, which is why we call it a month, didn’t change it’s 29.53059 day fixed orbit and phases when Gregory the Great demanded a 12 month year. 13 moons were showing up sometimes in a year.

Bl Mn 2.jpg
Smoke from wildfires color the rising moon

Setting the right Sunday for Easter is based on the first full moon after the spring equinox. It worked best if there were 12 moons in the year. The extra moon was called a betrayer, or belewe moon.

Behind Dn Rm Bl Mn.jpg
The rising moon outside the dining room back door

We had a good time. Jackie L. brought “Blue Moon Cookies” and other goodies for all to munch on during the music and moonrise activities. I took a few moon pictures and Kathern took iPad images of the party.

Blue Moon Cookies.jpg
She dusted some with cinnamon to represent smoke from the wildfires

This post is taking longer than I thought. Mostly it’s OS-X Yosemite crashes that keep happening because I use my MacBook Pro for simultaneously producing blogs, videos, soundtracks, photography and graphic design. Oh yeah, I sometimes read/send email and peruse the internet, too.

The new guys are introducing hardware/software ideas that aren’t compatible with the creative community and the ways we have been using our Apple computers.

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