Thursday, July 30, 2015

I Had A Dream

And We Were All In It

Tuesday Eve Lassen N.jpg
Mount Lassen - Tuesday eve

Woke up this morning thinking about the certainty of state and national electrical grid failures due to heat related incidents. (Cheerful way to start the day, eh?)

Tuesday Moon 1.jpg
Tuesday Moon

During an electrical blackout there are no functioning gas stations. No restaurants, no Raley’s or other markets that are electrical grid dependent.

No businesses…no TV, computers, cell phones, no lights, no refrigeration, no air conditioning (not even a swamp cooler will operate without electricity)

Dinner 1.jpg
Tuesday dinner

Oh yeah, and electric water pumps for wells and municipal water won’t be operating while the grid is down.

If people had been adequately informed that this was coming, everything electric would already be solar and wind powered. If the privatized for profit utilities have wanted to keep us in the dark, their wishes are about to become reality.

Jay 2.jpg
Wednesday scrub jay

Maybe that is why we haven’t been told the increasing temperatures are causing problems in the national electrical grid. Cracking insulators, ‘sagging until they snap’ power lines, overheated transformers and other extreme weather caused weaknesses.

Profits have been made by neglecting maintenance and improvement costs, and privatized utilities are all about profits.

The Stage.jpg
Wednesday moon above Treehouse

I recently sent an email to Don Stump, (the president of Christian Church Homes), to let him know that I finally have a powerful narrative for the next Treehouse promotional video.

Moon w Tree.jpg
Wednesday almost blue moon

Several people, including Don, have been asking when I am going to make another video like “I’ve Got A Place”.  I have been saying, “I am waiting for the inspiration, the muse, the spark”, (or something like that).

I wrote to him that the working title for the new video is “I Feel Secure” based on CCH getting solar power installed at the Treehouse Senior Apartments. We would be the vanguard facility for all the CCH installations across the country.

Featuring Le Moone.jpg
Closer look at Wednesday moon

Seniors with breathing machines, powered wheelchairs and other devices would know that each time the state or city electrical system fails, we can feel secure.

We can feel secure because the Treehouse will have adequate power for assistive devices as well as heat and cooling day or night once the solar systems are installed.

16 bit.jpg
My favorite Wednesday moon image

It is time to make that dream into reality.

Today’s Video;

I Love This Place

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