Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Apple Music

Who Needs It?

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Fireworks as seen from the Treehouse

Who needs any Apple products made since 2013?

No one really. Apple hasn’t moved forward since Mountain Lion in OSX. Unless you like ugly icons and an industrial looking/performing interface that illustrates the dystopian future that awaits us under insatiable, unsustainable, corporate capitalist global control.

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Drought resistant flowers

My solution? Eliminate upgrades, updates and other destructive distractions by keeping Mountain Lion and legacy Apps of the programs you use to work, play, and enjoy on your most robust Macintosh computer. While you are working or creating, turnoff the WiFi to prevent annoying upgrade notifications and email sounds.

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Beach music on my wall (painting by - George Bleich)

I have the luxury of more than one Mac because they just keep working year after year, and since the 1986 Mac SE, I occasionally get another new one. The last new Mac I bought was this mid 2012 MacBook Pro that I am using to write this post. I stopped upgrading OSX on this at Yosemite 10.10.3 because anything beyond that is too much like Android and WIndows. Even Yosemite is hard to create with, I need the iPhoto version that accepts RW2 images, so I use this MacBook Pro, primarily for photography.

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The energizer rose bush red

I keep the programs I love, the legacy Apps and magical interface on my late 2008 MacBook , (backed up on a cloned HD), for times when creativity needs the happiness of the flawless performing, enchanting experience that made Apple the preferred computer for creative people worldwide. I have an iPod 4th Gen that I love because it still has the happy looking, legible, smooth and stable iOS 6 operating system.

But what about Apple Music?

Apple Music is part of the iOS 8.4 upgrade, so it was added to my iPhone and iPad 4, (I am evaluating the iPad), but you dont have to join. What you can do is go into Settings and choose Don’t Show Apple Music, and don’t join either. That takes care of that.

If I want streaming music, Pandora works just fine, thank you. If Pandora or Spotify don’t fit your taste, there are more than 100,000 online radio stations that provide more kinds of music and entertainment than you could imagine, and they are free.

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Venus and Jupiter in the crepuscule

But, I write, record, produce and perform music. The soundtrack of my life plays in my head, or live, or on recordings. As a result, I don’t buy many tracks or albums because I have other music going on most of the time. I am not the consumer that Apple Music is designed for.

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Droughtscaping vegetation

If you would like to pay $10 a month to listen to the radio, (plus instantly buy the song you are hearing), instead of listening to the radio for free, then Apple Music is for you.

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