Friday, July 24, 2015

The Cactus Had It's Fling

Until The Next One

Wednesday Afternoon Moon.jpg
Wednesday afternoon Moon

Coming up on my Treehouse nature experience blogging schedule is the Blue Moon.

We are calling it a Blue Moon because there are two full moons in this month of July and this coming full moon is the second one. I’ve written about this naturally occurring phenomena in Phil’s Place before, (Here). In addition, in 2008 I wrote about the Black Moon .

6pm moon 2.jpg
6 pm Thursday Moon

Living where I do in the city of Redding, (small town really), there is an unobstructed view east to Mount Lassen.

Bird and hazy Lassen.jpg
You can just make out Lassen in yesterday’s haze

Looking north, the top of 14,000 ft Mount Shasta rises above 55 miles of tree covered hills (mountains to my flatlander friends).

Above the flag you can just see Mt Shasta under the clouds

Each day brings a new vista to delight my senses and to remind me that we humans are small potatoes in this 13 billion year old universe.

New Fungus.jpg
Fungi have been around many millions of years longer than man

Fungi have inhabited the earth since early Paleozoic times, about 400 million years ago, according to most scientific studies that I have read. The main thing is, most everything on earth has been around long before humans came along, so it is good to live in a place that has these magnificent reminders that help keep me from getting too full of myself.

Here Comes A New One.jpg
A new rose has come to brighten the landscape

When I look west, down the driveway, there is Shasta Bally reaching a mere 3,000 ft or so with a few antennas and transmitters on the top. I am told that the view from the top is spectacular. I will find out one day.

Shasta Bally to the west

The southern view contains trees, stores and other buildings. The southern view isn’t as awe inspiring unless one is looking up at night. We are situated about 500 ft above downtown Redding and the rest of the flatlands that just stretch southward to vanish at the horizon.

9p moon 3 e c.jpg
Thursday night Moon

The moon is in the phase where shadows provide good definition of the surface features. It is fun to see just how clear of an image I can get.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s ‘politics free’ edition of Phil’s Place.

And now, the story of the cacti one night stand in a family safe (only because I didn’t have a night vision motion activated 1080p slow motion camera) slideshow video with a Happy Phil original soundtrack….

Today’s Video;

What Fun

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