Saturday, July 25, 2015

What A Movie

The Night Sky, Too

5p Fri 2.jpg
5pm Friday

Last night, (Friday), I went out to the parking lot to set up the big tripod for a few clear images of the moon. As I looked up to check the rest of the sky, I was lucky enough to see the International Space Station sailing from south to north bisecting the heavens. Here is a current position website that lets you know in advance when and where the ISS will be overhead.

New Red Dway.jpg
New red driveway rose

It was simply by chance, or my good fortune, that I chose to go down the stairs to take pictures of the moon rather than stop to take a picture from the 2nd floor landing of Venus setting on the western horizon in a band of reddish twilight.

New Dway Rose.jpg
Another new driveway rose

When I descended to the parking lot and stood by the Hyundai that Marian gave me, is when I looked up and saw the light of the ISS moving across the sky. After following the complete arc of the space station, I got the tripod from the trunk and set up to take moon pictures.

F Moon 4c.jpg
The pic that pulled me like the tide

Charles Foster Kane Buys Republican Clown Car
Trump Vows To Build A "More Expensive Classier Clown Limo"

Like many people who revisit Citizen Kane, I read a few articles and reviews of reviews before watching the movie yesterday. What a movie! They even have festivals at the Woodstock Boarding School where Orson Welles developed into Orson Welles of legend.

New Yellow.jpg
New yellow along the sidewalk

The movie is mirrored in real life by scores of wealthy megalomaniacs who fancy themselves to be “Citizen Kanes”. They buy up a bunch of media, businesses, influence governments, promote wars and build monuments to bolster their fleeting moments of perceived power.

And then; “Rosebud

Today’s Video;

Speak Out Against The Madness

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