Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Book Sample

Curiosity Wins The Day

I was reading the morning email and a Chad Orzel review of a new Neal Stephenson book persuaded me to Google “Seveneves”(the clever graphically accurate content descriptive one word book title).

I chose the Neal Stephenson site to see what was there. He gave a brief description of the genesis of a concept that took 8 years to become a book. I liked that information.

At the bottom of his description there was a link for additional information. I live for more information so I clicked the link that took me to HarperCollins Publishers where they offered a sample. It also had an embed code that the observer,(me) was instructed to copy and paste.

So I pasted the code here just to see how it works and if it will be easier for me to read on my MacBook than the reader provided on the website.

I won’t know what the embed will do until I get this into the Blogger editor, but in the meantime may I entice you to read a couple of well researched, written and presented articles I read today that increased my knowledge a view of this world we live in?

Why would some people think that slavery was okay if you had a benevolent master? The answers to this and other widely held erroneous beliefs are served here;

Where did the offensive and unfounded ideas like intelligence can be determined by skin color come from? Find that answer and a whole lot more information about this protective organ that we live in here;

Have a mentally stimulating 4th of July

Today’s Video;

All We Know Is History

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