Sunday, July 19, 2015

Cactus Blooms

And Other Summer Moments

M 9.jpg
The morning after

The cactus we have been following, bloomed early Friday before the dawn. It wafted pheromones on the night air to entrance night flying pollinators.

M 11.jpg
Could this be the beautiful look of satisfaction

It is possible that I will have completed the cactus video of pictures taken over the the past week or so, in time for posting this. Then again...perhaps it may take more time than I anticipate. (Actually I am quite sure it won’t be finished tonight, but one day soon)

Sunset Fri 2.jpg
Friday sunset

There was a chance to see a tiny sliver of moon as well as Venus and Jupiter after sunset on Friday. I was able to get a picture of the 2 planets, but the moon was obscured by the haze at the horizon.

Venus Jupiter 1.jpg
Venus and Jupiter Friday

Saturday night was too hazy to see the moon or the planets.

White Dway R.jpg
White driveway rose

Big flowers aren’t particularly suited for dry hot conditions, but a few of the roses manage by producing fewer petals in the dry 100 degree weather.

On the other hand, cacti and succulents bloom quickly and reabsorb the moisture from their displays.

Tiny Succulent Flowers.jpg
Tiny succulent flowers

Tiny Flower At My Feet.jpg
Tiny flowers in the grass

Lil' Sunflower-improved.jpg
Tiny sunflower

Still Grazin'-improved.jpg
Bird in the grass

Grazing In The Grass by Hugh Masekela

Couldn’t resist. Though some people will more likely remember the Friends of Distinction version; Grazing In The Grass

Tiny 2.jpg
Tiny butterfly

Today’s Video:

Don’t Lose Your Cool

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