Monday, July 20, 2015

A Sense Of History

Enhances Our Sensibility

TBF 2.jpg
Tiny butterfly on wire frame

I love the convenience of quick access to information that has become part of our culture.

Q 1.jpg
Mama quail and chick

With the internet and google search, or simply cable TV, we can get up to the minute information about most anything we are interested in. But there is way too much data on tap for us to do much more than skim the surface of just a few subjects before exceeding the capacity of our intellectual capabilities.

New Sunflower.jpg
A second tiny sunflower appears

For an example; the image of the mama quail. The caption indicates the presence of a baby quail, but a cursory glance didn’t reveal the chick.

Did you take the time to study the image carefully in an attempt to find the missing piece?

Was the image significant enough to spend more than a quick scan?

TBF 4.jpg
Tiny butterfly on tomato plant cage

Chances are, if the information doesn’t entertain or smack us in the face, we move on to something that will. We have become accustomed to a sensory barrage, during which myriad varieties of information compete for our attention.

This information overload causes us to be susceptible to cleverly crafted psychological manipulation that influences our decision making process. If anyone would take a moment to look closely at the media parade of presidential candidates, they would see the self serving blackhearted greed that lives inside the Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Jeb Bush, Donald Trump types that tend to permeate the right wing neo-liberal republican party.

Because of the preponderance of political propaganda the real nature of the candidates can be obscured. Artful sales methodology convinces the unwary that these candidates actually care about the people of America.

Z 2.jpg
Ringed conehead zinnia

In the next image, you will notice the exceptionally effective protective coloring pattern that confused your ocular senses in the earlier mama and baby quail image.

Q 3.jpg
Six quail chicks

Now you can go back to the earlier image and readily discern the baby quail knowing what to look for.

We need to focus our bullshit detectors so we can see through the poop-storm of media marketing and Fox news fake facts to determine whether we are correct or being misled in our sense of what we believe in.

One tried and true method is to find the historical precedents for the actions and proposals that seem at odds with logic and reason.

BF on ZB 2.jpg
Tiny butterfly on zinnia bud

Here are a few facts that may help;

Austerity does not help debt heavy economies.

The free market is indisposed to regulate itself.

Collapse soon follows when the top 1% hold too much of a nation’s capital.

Punishing poor people because they are poor is insane.

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