Friday, July 3, 2015

Independence Day

4th Of July Sales All Weekend

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Clouds to the east Thursday eve

I just read that on June 29th, CBS This Morning featured defense industry spokesman Michael Morell. He was there to tell viewers that 50 ISIS arrests in the United States is evidence that a 4th of July attack is all but certain. That was blatant fear mongering.

“None of these “ISIS arrests” involved any actual members of ISIS, only members of the FBI—and their network of informants—posing as such.” - Adam Johnson, (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting.

Thursday eve apple pie

“Boots on the ground”, “Massive air strikes”, “More military bases”, “Send in the drones”, and all the rest of the call to arms hyperbole and battle cries are nothing more than part of a big misleading advertizing campaign to promote the ever profitable business of war, defense, military assistance, bombs/boats/bullets/boots/missiles/planes/gold plated humvees, flag covered caskets and homeland security.

Death and destruction, it’s our business. 1,000 times bigger than any competitors.

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Airliner at the end of sunset

Lest you have been mislead or somehow believe that the Fourth of July is about bombs bursting in air and “You’re A Grand Old Flag”, you may wish to read a bit more about American history. Independence Day celebrates the signing of a letter to King George declaring our independence from English rule. No battles or booming cannons, just the scratching sounds of a quill pen on a piece of parchment.

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Full Buck moon rises through the clouds

The battles came later after the Bank of England loaned us money to buy weapons and ammunition so we could fight the British army. Should you wish verifiable sources for this, or anything you read here at Phil’s Place, you can use Google or use the search box for this blog, (I have been writing here since 2008 and you will find links and attributions in the archives).

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Happy 4th Of July

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