Thursday, July 2, 2015

New Month

Caesar Salad (Orange Julius?)

Calendar Art.jpg
Personal calendar art

I have just returned from taking pictures of Venus and Jupiter. There was a gusty strong breeze, cooling the air down to 95 degrees. The sturdy tripod that I got from Dean Crumpacker kept the camera steady so I can I point it toward distant points of light.

Full Buck Moon 2.jpg
Full Buck Moon Wednesday night 11:30pm PDT

I hope to get another image of Jupiter that exposes Ganymede. Callisto and any other moons that wish to appear tonight, like I did for the previous post.

Fortnight Pair.jpg
Fortnight lilies at the Redding library Thursday

Tonight’s coffee is Pete’s Verona blend, ground fine by pulsing the Mr. Coffee grinder 6 times so it will brew a sweet flavorful coffee using a Melita cone filter and hand pouring not quite boiling Mount Shasta spring water in the cone while carefully watching the water soak the the fresh ground bean grains to extract just enough oils and flavor to make a perfect solution.

Better Pollen and Shadow.jpg
Pollen and shadows

Wow, that is a good cuppa Joe! Much better than when I use the Black and Decker auto-drip appliance to brew Pete’s. Actually, when one takes the time and care to properly brew coffee, almost any beans can make a tasty cup.

Colorful zinnia in Dottie’s garden

Now I am ready to see if I need to go back out and reshoot Venus and Jupiter, and perhaps another pic of the Full Buck Moon. First a look at what is in the camera so far….

...actually that will take some time, so look in your email soon for part 2 of “So that’s how you do the manual focus on this thing”.

Today’s Video;

You Are What You Eat

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