Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Musing Mostly

At least that's what I'm calling it

Sun Moon S.jpg
Sunday night moon

It’s Tuesday night. 9:14 pm and outside it’s 102.5 degrees. I am about to go out and see if Jupiter and Venus are visible as they appear to cuddle up in the western sky. It is a bit cloudy, so the possibility of an interesting image exists and for that reason I shall take my camera.

Back in a few minutes;

Moons of Jupiter.jpg
Venus (lower) and Jupiter with moons

Well now, that was worthwhile. I not only got a nice image of Venus and Jupiter, but Jupiter’s moons as well. Very was my first time. You may need to enlarge the image to see the moons or view them on my Flickr channel.

Splish Splash.jpg
Quail chick takes a bath

Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the nearly full Buck Moon. I got a few good shots of that, too.

NF Buck Moon.jpg
Buck moon Tuesday night

I enjoy the nighttime. It feels right to me to be alert and active after sundown. Even as a kid I was comfortable with the night. I have read that it is just a matter of routine rather than a fixed circadian rhythm. I have had jobs where I had to be up and working by 5:30 am, but I continue to feel more content when I work and play at night.

Lassen Clouds.jpg
Mt Lassen in the hot hazy afternoon

While outside taking pictures it cooled off to 100. I thought of getting a coat and long pants, but soon I would be back inside before it got into the chilly 90’s.

Making light of our rapidly warming climate. It really isn’t funny anymore. It makes me wish now that I had campaigned more effectively for Jimmy Carter’s reelection. We might have been able to avoid this catastrophic future ahead of us.

Orange Rose.jpg
New rose in the sun

I was cleaning my contacts lists recently, including the mailing list for this blog, to remove inactive email addresses. It seems I was a bit too thorough and removed everyone.

In the process of restoration, if I have not replaced your email in the list, and you like receiving Phil’s Place in your mailbox each time I write a new post, send me an email or smoke signal and I will make sure you are on the list.

Mourning Dove gets dinner from scratch

The republican politicians are angry at the Supreme Court and throwing temper tantrums because they didn’t get their way. Their childish antics and over dramatic declarations are all over the media for the world to see.

There is no excuse for any American to throw away their future by voting for any of these racist, homophobic, sanctimonious, ignorant republicans ever again.

New Arrival.jpg
New arrival

Today’s Video;

That’s The Spiritu Sanctus

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