Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Good Week In General

Union Generals That Is

T Moon 2.jpg
Thursday’s Moon

I was under the impression that it was SC state officials who took down the confederate flag at the capitol but I learned it was a citizen who climbed the pole and cut it down. She was arrested and the state put it up again until another citizen cut it down a second time. He was arrested, too.

They were both released on bond today.

3 Amigos.jpg
Thursday’s young and fresh trio

It is summer in Redding and that means that some of the Treehouse roses are here today, gone tomorrow. With water restrictions and 100+ degree weather, certain roses live fast and die young. This means one must get out and take pictures every day or miss out on some of the beauty that is all around.

Shasta Fri 3 N.jpg
Mt Shasta on Friday afternoon

There are more than 300 wildfires burning in Alaska right now. This is unprecedented and is expected to only get worse as global temperatures continue to increase. The Pope has made our complicity in global warming very clear to most of the people in this world.  

LG White C.jpg
Beautiful white driveway rose

My dad used to tell me that when you hear 2 people arguing, the loudest one is losing.

I guess that’s why the TV news actors at Fox are always yelling and complaining at the top of their lungs.

Fri Moon 7.jpg
Friday Moon

Well, enough chit chat, it’s time to share a bit of last Sunday’s Jefferson State Blues Society Jam with you. Margaret Miller was there and took some video and stills of us playing the first set. So without further fanfare, I present…

Today’s Video;

Stay Cool Man, Cool

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