Friday, June 19, 2015

Every NOW

Is The Time Of Our Lives

Driveway White.jpg
Driveway rose in setting sun

Thursday evening in about a 2 hour segment there were fire trucks, helicopters, airplanes, a squirrel, Zorro, and the Ramadan moon. It all began when the power went out briefly.

I put on some sandals and went out to see what I could see.

Dinner Flight.jpg
High flying jet catches some sunlight

I stood around in the parking lot listening for sirens. My neighbor, Lance was down at the cul de sac so walked down that way. The sound of firetrucks nearby could be heard better where he was standing.

Watching The Wreck Below.jpg
Circling overhead

Kathern and one of her grandkids drove down the driveway and she stopped to tell us that a transformer blew over on Buckeye.

Running Scared.jpg
Run run run

I noticed a squirrel beyond the dog play area and got a picture as he was running as fast as he could. A couple more fire trucks joined the rest over on Buckeye. That street is at the top of a hillside covered in very dry vegetation that the transformer sparks might have ignited and they weren't taking any chances.

Fire Bomber.jpg
Fire fighting plane

I told Lance to keep an eye out for the Ramadan moon and headed up to my moon watching perch on the west stairs of building A to see if the crescent moon was visible, yet.

The Mark Of Zorro.jpg
The mark of Zorro

I stared at the western sky and took pictures until I needed a break from the warm temperature outside. It was only 88 degrees, but likely enhanced by my facing the sunset.

I could check the location of the moon with the iPhone and the SkySafari App from inside my apartment so I wouldn’t wait past moonset.

Sunset Moon.jpg
June 18th moon

When I did go back outside, there it was, just waiting to be admired by western America observers.

Ramadan Crescent Moon.jpg
A closer look

I thought that was well worth waiting for, but it got even better when I looked at the whole view of the western sky, Venus and Jupiter appeared as well.

Jupiter Venus Ramadan Moon.jpg
Jupiter, Venus and Moon

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