Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Big Wonderful Clouds

A Wee Bit O’ Rain

Mighty Awesome.jpg
Cloud driving a go kart

A baby dragon at the feet of a toddler eating a bowl of cloud porridge?

Fun cloud formations galore yesterday.

Sunbeam fan NR.jpg
Sunbeam from Monday eve

My land line number is very close to the number for Owens pharmacy. This means that people who are in a hurry, stressed, inebriated, or dialing challenged will sometimes ring my phone inadvertently when calling Owens.

The Shadow N.jpg
The shadow knows how to dial

Actually, we can’t call it dialing anymore since phones no longer have dials.

“Don’t touch that alpha numerical keypad”

Bally Clouds N.jpg
Clouds over Shasta Bally Monday

It was hazy Monday. I didn’t even know there were clouds over Shasta Bally when I took this picture. Later when I was coaxing out the detail of the antennas on the peak the clouds began to show.

Zin Colors.jpg
Zippy the zinnia

I suppose I am too obsessive about doing things ‘just so’ and it is hard for me to imagine being so unfocused when dialing (or whatever it’s called) a phone number. I mean, if you wish to speak on the phone with the right person, business, office, or agency it is essential that you call the right number.

Stormy Blues.jpg
Stormcloud Blues

Some of the wrong number callers just hang up at the sound of my voice not being Owen's Pharmacy. Some get testy with me because I am not the number they were calling. Others are apologetic, and a few will call my number a couple more times to be sure.

Interesting sometimes and a bit of a nuisance at times, as well.

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Excessive Profits Are Poison

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