Sunday, June 7, 2015

It Is What It Is

Until It Isn’t

Cloudy Strawberry.jpg
Strawberry moonrise in Redding

It’s 3 in the afternoon, 104 degrees outside and a very pleasant 79.3 inside. I know this because i recently got a nice, silent, wall clock that displays the inside and outside temperature. I got it from a company called Monoprice.

I have been ordering cables from Monoprice since 2008, and over the years they have expanded into a wide variety of products, including microphones, guitars, mixers, (and clocks), which I have also bought from them.

Hyper Hydrangea.jpg
Another beautiful Leila hydrangea

During the last 2 weeks of May, Alaska was experiencing an intense heat wave. I had no idea. Insane Heat Wave In Alaska (The comment section at ecowatch is a training ground for wannabe fossil fuel industry trolls and is best left unread)

Soft Cloudy Valley Day.jpg
Clouds and shadows June 4

If you were to round up all the greedy billionaire tycoons to face a firing squad for their crimes against all life on earth, they would fiercely compete to be the one whose company gets the contracts to provide the bullets and guns. ( Based on an unsubstantiated quote sometimes attributed to Vladimir Lenin, or Joseph Stalin )

Shasta Dreams.jpg
Mount Shasta in the haze

Newspaper headlines and broadcast media breaking news stories all seem to be written by Chicken Little, ( the fox eats all the chickens in the end ). It is increasingly common in America to see people who appear to have a passing acquaintance with rational thinking and some intellectual function wasting the time of their lives watching and listening to endless “the sky is falling” news narratives.

Ready To Let Fly.jpg
Ready to let DNA fly

Thank you Fox news and radio for cultivating and feeding a fearful, bigoted, racist, bunch of ditto head minions with your endless scary stories about the hoards of invading Mexicans, Canadians, socialists, black people, eco-terrorists, brown people, falling objects, killer storms, asian people, Iranians, terrorist organizations de jure, trainwrecks, poor people, car chases, massacres, old people, giant snakes, killer ants, and bomb toting illegal border crossing alien toddlers.

Shasta 9.jpg
Our majestic volcano neighbor to the north

There are a couple of million folks who actually were born yesterday and they believe the relentless “fair and balanced news” blasting out of their TV sets and radios is God’s own truth. Nevertheless, even they can be saved from the shysters and snake oil salesmen by the simple push of a button, turn of a knob, flick of a switch, or pull of a plug.

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