Saturday, June 20, 2015

Following The Moon

In The Month Of June

Lassen Microbe N.jpg
Friday evening Lassen

While waiting for the moon to appear, there are plenty of interesting subjects to photograph here at the Treehouse. Lassen is particularly photogenic around sunset, and there are still plenty of flowers lighting up during the golden hour.

Moon 1.jpg
Friday crescent moon

I wasn’t certain that the clouds would thin enough to see the moon last night, or provide enough image for a photograph and I had resigned myself to eating dinner.

Just as I finished my last bite of pie and ice cream, Margaret sent me a text stating that the moon was visible.

Trio N.jpg
The Jupiter, Venus, Moon trio

I went out and joined her on the moon watching platform and realized I had my tripod close by, so I set it up and started taking pictures.

The Jupiter, Venus and Moon Trio was appearing in the western sky for all to see.

Tonight they will be back for a return engagement with different arrangements, so you don’t want to miss that unique performance, either.

Moon 7 N.jpg
Clouds added an extra dimension

So keep your eyes open before and after sunset to watch the big show appearing in the western sky.

Later, tomorrow morning, the summer solstice will occur here in Redding at 9:39am PDT

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