Saturday, June 13, 2015

A Beautiful Weekend

Picture Perfect At Times

Jupiter Venus 3 N.jpg
Jupiter and Venus after sunset Friday

So picture perfect, that I must let the pictures do the talking tonight.

K's Rose 2.jpg
Rose by Kathern’s patio fence

On Top Of Old Bally N.jpg
On top of old Shasta Bally

Fishing For Flying Insects.jpg
Baited beak attracts flying insects below Diestelhorst bridge

Bridge View 4.jpg
West view from the bridge

Shasta Sunset 7.jpg
Shasta at sunset

Shasta Sunset 10 N.jpg
Shasta at sunset

Sunset Watcher.jpg
Sunset watcher

Sunset as I saw It.jpg

Today’s Video;

Bioluminescence, Bioluminescence, That’s The Name
Everybody Sing It Now
Get Scientific

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