Wednesday, June 24, 2015

If You're Not At The Table

You’re On The Menu

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Tuesday Moon

The title of today’s blogpost comes from the text of Jim Hightower’s commentary about the TPP corporate trade deal takeover of America, (along with a few other Pacific Rim countries). Jim Hightower sums it up quite succinctly. The American people were not allowed at this bargaining table because our country is on the menu.

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Today I read an observation of Greece and the European Union economies as examples of unsustainable unregulated banking and finance lending. Austerity measures create increased debt rather than reducing it, thus making financiers richer than ever.  Interesting Read

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Once SC governor Nikki Haley announced she would no longer fly the confederate battle flag from the state capitol building in the aftermath of the white supremacist terrorist who shot and killed nine people in a bible study class, republican lawmakers and presidential hopefuls were just softly whistling Dixie.

Prior to Nikki Haley’s announcement they were loudly defending the right to fly that symbol of their proud southern heritage. Story at Mother Jones

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So that’s today’s reports of human greed, ignorance and fear in a world that began as Paradise. Maybe I can close with an uplifting message or possibly a hope filled cat video.

How about a camera commercial?

Today’s Video;

Saving What’s Left

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