Friday, June 12, 2015

This Could Be Heaven

It’s Up To Me And You

Dove 1.jpg
Dove digs in the dirt for dinner

Good news today. The fast track flim flam fell flat. The corporate takeover of the United States was slowed down, but they will continue undoing our democracy unless we get them out of our government business.

You may remember that it was this very same thing that ignited the Boston Tea Party; Corporations were influencing English government decisions and writing legislation that unfairly taxed the Boston merchants, while subsidising the East India Company imports.

Mighty Pretty Pink.jpg
Pretty hot pink

I enjoy temperatures in the 100’s as long as it’s not humid. Normally the flowers here at the Treehouse bloom like crazy in the heat, but during this drought, they are losing more water than they are getting. We all want to do our part to conserve the little bit of water that we have here in California, so people have been asked to cut back on domestic water use.

Quail Hunts Bug.jpg
Quail dines in the dirt, too.

Domestic use accounts for less than 10% of the California fresh water supply. More than 80% of the fresh water is used for agriculture. 75% of that agricultural water is used to grow crops to feed livestock.

Water Curtain N.jpg
Virga curtain over Shasta Bally

If industrial livestock production were relocated to a state with plenty of rain, it would reduce the demand for California fresh water by 50%. Sort of seems stupid in a drought prone state to be growing water intensive alfalfa, soybeans, and GMO corn for animal feed when people are being asked to drink treated wastewater so we can reduce water demand by possibly 2%.

Peekaboo bird

The duo, P&J, will be playing again at the Post Office Saloon and Grill this July first. John and I had a good time when we played there a couple of weeks ago and we look forward to creating another enjoyable evening of good quality music.

Sunset Wednesday.jpg
Wednesday sunset

Iceland is doing just fine while other countries struggle economically. How did they keep their economy from hitting bottom like the rest of Europe and the U.S? Three charts that show Iceland’s economy recovered after it imprisoned bankers and let banks go bust - instead of bailing them out.

Must Be something Tasty.jpg
Looking for something tasty

Tonight I ate eggs and potatoes for dinner. The eggs were especially delicious. They came from a family up the road who raise chickens and sell eggs. I love this place.

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Magic Tuesday sky

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