Thursday, June 18, 2015

Let The Fun Begin

Trump Has Squeezed Into The Clown Car

Shasta No Wire.jpg
Mt Shasta on Tuesday

Except for American tabloid readers and game show watchers, most people who read this blog probably wonder what a card game term has to do with clown cars and fun.

Sweetpeas 1.jpg
Sweet peas along a roadside near Mt Shasta

You see, even though there are 16 months until the next presidential election, the republican contenders for nomination have been piling into their tiny circus clown car, ready to clamber out and frolic in center ring of the republican convention circus.

Siskyou 3.jpg
Tuesday at Lake Siskiyou

Donald Trump is the son of Fred Trump, a wealthy New York City real-estate developer. Donald makes the other loudmouth buffoons look like insecure choir boys, and unapologetically insults anyone or anything in his path. He happily paid actors $50 each to be the cheering crowd when he announced he is running for president of the United States.

Looking For Little Lobsters.jpg
Tiny bird looks for tiny lobsters

At the moment there are more goobers, crackpots, flim flam men, crooks and clowns stuffed into the republican clown car than I can count without a scorecard, but their willful stupidity, aggressive ignorance and obvious duplicity wouldn’t fill one of Donald Trumps shoes.

Shasta Side 2.jpg
A tiny portion of Mt Shasta

So let the fun begin. I think the novelty will wear off in a matter of days, but these clowns will be cavorting around, Hillary bashing, climate denying, sowing fear and obstructionism for the next 16 months. We will see them compete to prove which ones are the most determinedly despicable (meaning electable among right wing lunatics), and I guarantee that The Donald will repeatedly school them all with unmitigated despicableness.

Roadside Wildflowers 1.jpg
Roadside wildflowers near Mt Shasta

The reason for the Mt Shasta images is because I was in Mount Shasta City to conclude the process of having my right eye operated on to close the macular hole that was causing me to go blind in that eye. It is much better now and has healed nicely.

I am so glad I am old enough to qualify for Medicare. The insurance policies I had when I was younger would have left me in insurmountable debt for the remaining balance of my life if this had happened 20 or 50 years ago.

Top Of Shastina.jpg
The top of Shastina

Mount Shasta is a cluster of volcanic activity standing tall and majestic above the surrounding terrain.

Mighty Shasta 4.jpg
Shastina is hiding behind the tree on the left

If you would like to see more of the images from Tuesday’s excursion I put a few up on Flickr that you might enjoy. There you can see them at full resolution.

Got One.jpg
Bird gets a little ‘lobster

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