Sunday, August 9, 2015

What Makes Us Special?

Arts and Sciences

Card Quality Trans Rose.jpg
Beauty In heat

Even tiny microbial life forms fight for survival, individually and as armies.

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Still blooming

When we kill, wage war, defend territories or fight for family and possessions, we aren’t doing anything more than bugs do.

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Smokey sunshine

So, what makes us special?

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Fecundity abounds in the Redding heat

Not societies. Not haves and have nots. Not tradition. Not sex. Not even love songs. These are things that were part of life millions of years before hominids appeared on earth.

Pink Cascade.jpg
Pink cascade

Nearly all life forms have mating calls. It is even possible that microbes encourage reproductive activity with song. We just can’t hear them, yet.

Beaty In The Heat.jpg
Bees love these roses

What makes us special, then?

Tomorrowland Is Here.jpg
A look at our future

Sciences and the Arts

Our ability to record what we have learned so future generations can advance their knowledge, talents and skills.

We have even enhanced the methods we use to record and present what we know.

Reddish Rose.jpg
Fresh new rose

We have the means to make Earth a garden of Eden, but we glorify tiny brained behaviors like war and domination instead. We have the tools we need to improve ourselves in the vast stores of historical records available at the tap of a fingertip.

What a waste of our ability to create harmony.

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Peace And Understanding

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