Friday, August 7, 2015

Less Smoke Friday

Might See The Moon Tonight

Red Sun And Leaves 7.jpg
Wednesday afternoon sun

Wednesday was a good day to keep the windows closed and the A/C on because the smoke was thick, ash was floating down on anything exposed, all eyes and lungs were adversely affected.

Bird Catches Fish Near Old Crane Base.jpg
Bird catches fish near dam construction crane remains

If I were to live anywhere in California, I would (and do) choose to be right here in Redding.

Fires, earthquakes, droughts, rising global temperatures, (you name it), for me the best place to be is right where I am.

Water Sporters.jpg
Water Sports enthusiasts at Shasta Lake

2 up on a Skidoo towing a waterskier, I didn’t know they had the power to do that. Maybe it’s a Polaris personal watercraft based on their snowmobile specs. If it were electric and their trailer had a solar panel top to charge it, that would be great fun and practical at the same time.

Yard Bird 2.jpg

All the smoke has to be tough on the insects and animals that can’t escape to a smoke free, cool protected space. Scratchy eyes and laboring lungs probably takes some of the fun out of flying, or running, slithering, spinning and crawling.

Jackie’s strawberries are still producing

Another reason I enjoy Redding is the presence of the natural world surrounding our little town. In the cities, the closest many people get to sense their connection to the global ecosystem, is by watching a nature show on TV or the internet.

Happy Hour.jpg
Tiny butterfly happy hour

There was a debate on Fox news this week. It presented what republicans think are candidates who might be capable of being the president of our country.

The people that the GOP feels are most qualified, demonstrated that they wouldn’t make the cut to be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune, let alone leader of the ‘free world’.

Sunny days ahead

The only candidate right now who has the necessary experience, world respect and qualifications as a statesman is a woman. Hillary Rodham Clinton. She will make a wonderful president.

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