Saturday, August 15, 2015

Paws For Reflection

Wipe Your Feet, Toto

Afternoon Red.jpg
Afternoon Redding sunshine

Been reading about barometric pressure and humidity. My interest was piqued by forecasts that showed yesterday’s mild temperature of 90 with smoke filled skies was happening at the same time as a high pressure event.

Nicely Protected.jpg
Protected driveway rose

Further research revealed that high humidity accompanies high barometric pressure because the air molecules press upon the water molecules and hold them close to the earth. This causes the heat index to increase and the ‘feels like’ temperature to feel higher than the actual reading.

Colorful Ending.jpg
Agapanthus colorful exit

The reason I find the forecast for the next 10 days interesting, has to do with the barometric pressure dropping today as the temp rises over 100. The pressure continues to fluctuate, but the overall trend continues with lowering barometric pressure so we can look forward to a week of 100+ degree weather.

Dway White G.jpg
White driveway rose

The good news is that low pressure allows moisture to rise, along with particulate matter, chemicals, and other molecules contained in our smoke filled sky above Redding. We could be breathing cleaner air here in the north state for the next few days. Yay.

Red Rose in red sunshine.jpg
Red sunlight on red rose

I wrote to the chairman of the FCC regarding his disregard for the laws that were in place to protect us from predatory practices by phone companies that want to replace copper wire with more profitable fiber optics.

My email was ‘answered’ by a staffer, or computer-bot, that directed me to a site where I can put in a bid to operate fiber optic phone services. Very funny.

I guess I have to try another approach to save our dependable, existing copper wire phone systems.

Evening sun

Making a spectacle of political primaries has allowed the foxes into the henhouse and taken voting away from the people of America. Our elections are now decided by a few crazy billionaires. The televised debates are just a shiny object/game show to divert attention from what is actually in progress.

Brave New Rose.jpg
Brave new rose

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