Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Cosmos and Different Points of View

Cosmic Rays From Orion

Bursts of cosmic rays,(Red), from the direction of Orion.
Puzzling Bursts
An international team of researchers, using Los Alamos National Laboratory's Milagro observatory, has seen for the first time two distinct hot spots that appear to be bombarding Earth with an excess of cosmic rays.
According to the article, these bursts originate about 500 Light Years from Earth.

Some cool optical illusions
that Jo Anna sent me.

Stare at the dot and move your head to and fro.

Assembling the puzzle from within.

This would be a good Christmas card.

Here in Redding

Steak and onions with steamed veggies...$4.00
Every once in awhile I feel the need for a steak, or a slab of prime rib. I am somewhat particular about what I make my body digest, but every couple of months, I seem to benefit from a big chunk of beef. I got this Ranchers Reserve Beef Chuck Cross Rib Steak Boneless, (What it said on the package), at Safeway. It was 1.09 lb for $3.80. The onion was one of 6 that I got at the 99cent store, so I figure 20 cents.

I was given the veggies. I will probably buy more of them. They are from Salinas and packaged by Mann's, in a bag that you can toss in the microwave for 4 min. and have steamed veggies. They were tasty.

Outdoors in self portrait mode. 12/13/08
I took a ride up to Shasta Lake today, to test out my new camera in some familiar locations. There are some settings that come prepackaged with the Panasonic DMC-LZ8, and so far, they seem to be correct under most conditions.

Outdoors in landscape mode. 12/13/08
Interesting color differences. I like them both.

Dam. Mount Shasta is behind the clouds. 12/13/08
I have started uploading some of the new camera pictures to my picasaweb albums. There are a few located in the Greeting Cards album. You can check them out HERE .
You can compare the different camera images with the 2, "Under Bridges", photos.

From my balcony around 4PM. 12/13/08

Here is a video I took
with the new camera. Santa from Sandi .
She gave me this blues singin' Santa for Christmas.
It's my first upload to You Tube, so I don't quite have the hang of it, yet.
I think the sound issue will be easy to correct.
It's a good start, and it was as easy with the Mac as I thought it would be.

The Adventures of Bat Girl

Bat Girl near Grants Pass, Oregon. 12/13/08
I got a picture from Bat Girl this afternoon. I guess it's been snowing in Oregon.

The weather guy on TV has been predicting rain each day for a couple of weeks now, but so far, Redding remains dry.
What ever your weather happens to be, I hope you can enjoy it.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Let it Snow -Frank Sinatra

Happy to be Me

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Margaret M. said...

Looked at your site this day and it was strange to know that my neighbor was on his balcony yesterday at 4 pm looking at the clouds and taking pictures. Also took a look in your album and want to day that your photos are spectacular. Always, thanks for sharing. I like that you bring in so many ideas and philosophies.