Monday, December 1, 2008

Orbiting Bodies

Long Night Moon

Cold Moon from December, 2007
The Indian names for December's full moon, pretty much revolve around, "Cold, long nights". This is an understandable and accurate description of how it can be in snowy places. If I want to experience cold, wintry conditions, I am less than an hour away from Mt. Shasta, Lassen, or the Trinity Alps, and I like it this way.

The full moon will occur December 12th. One of these nights.

Dancing December Orbs
I took a few pictures of the great celestial display from Venus, Jupiter, and the moon, tonight.

This was around 5 PM. 12/1/08

This was around 6 or 6:30 12/1/08

This is from Sunday night. 11/30/08
What fun it was to see this celestial dance in the South Western sky.

I have added a couple more songs to the mp3 player over on MySpace, from the marooned occupants aboard Space Station 1.
If you would like to listen to them, CLICK HERE .

Lost and Found in Translation
I would like to say that I am thoroughly enjoying Stieg Larsson's latest international best-selling novel, but it was written in Swedish and, like most Scandinavian books, it is translated into English with all the warmth of December in Latvia. The only tolerable way to read these dull, dry, mechanical translations, is to fill in the blanks yourself.

If it is printed, "They held hands and walked to the store.",

I read it, "The sun spilled through the trees, lighting the path to the village with warm bubbles that floated around them as he tenderly cupped her hand in his palm, like it was a weightless hummingbird."

I think you get the idea. Perhaps one of my Danish readers could suggest to their writer friends, that they should hire a poet instead of a scholar, to translate their latest novel. Although it is good exercise for me to rewrite and embellish these parched, dessicated translations as I read, I would prefer to just get lost in the story.
Another book I am currently reading is the latest mystery from Margaret Maron. It is set in North Carolina, and being new, pokes fun at some of our current political figures while spinning the tale of a small town trying to protect itself from capitalist developers. "Death's Half Acre."

I like to read several books at the same time. I think its fun to dovetail them all together into one basic story.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Who Wrote The Book Of Love?
I Hear The Nightbird Singing

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