Friday, December 12, 2008

Keeping It Warm Inside


Sandi de-wrinkles panel for left side 12/11/08
Now that it looks like winter is coming, I have been winterizing the apartment. Last winter, I had to run the heat a lot. The blinds for the sliding glass doors did little to keep the heat in, and let cold drafts abound. I had planned on putting up curtains for the A/C season, but I guess it wasn't the right time. The right time came this week.

Sandi went with me to Big Lots on Monday and we got the curtain rod, plus 2 beige panels. 2 were not enough to do it right.
I was intent on ignoring the vision in my head that showed 2 colors, so I went back on Tuesday and got two more beige panels.
When Sandi got here this morning and began ironing the additional panels, she noticed I had obtained the wrong size. We went back to the store to exchange them and discovered there were no more beige panels left in the right size. There were only two blue panels. Call it Fate, Kismet, Divine Providence, or my "Decorator" guardian Angel, the drapes are 2 colors, and I really like how they change the room.

New curtains add color and maintain inside temperature
Sometimes it's good to wait a bit before beginning a project. Some people might ask me,"Don't you think you are just procrastinating?", and I would have to answer,"I'll get back to you on that, in a day or two."

It has been taking awhile for me to get the new computer I wanted, and now that I have had time to think about it some more, and the opportunity to check out the new Mac's at Best Buy, I have changed my mind.

I was checking out the new iMac and I think I would be better served to get that as a replacement for this iMac. The laptop seemed like a good idea because it would be a portable recording platform, but I would rather have the big screen and more power for the same price. I can get a pocket sized Digital Recorder for under $300 that, when hooked up to my Behringer mixer, will give me high quality Wav files that I can import into my studio software on the iMac, where I would be doing the editing and mixing. It makes a lot of sense, now that I have had time to think about it.

So many wonderful blessings in my life lately.

Tonight's sunset from the balcony. 12/11/08
Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Baby It's Cold Outside
-Ray Charles and Betty Carter
Happy to be me

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