Thursday, December 4, 2008

Space Beer, Space 1572, Another "Magic" Bass


Growing, "Sapporo Space Beer", barley in Space Station
TOKYO (Reuters Life!) - Space beer, the result of a five-month mission to boldly grow, where almost no one has grown barley before, has landed in Japan.

The beverage, brewed from barley cultivated in the International Space Station in 2006, has splashed down courtesy of the Russian Academy of Science, a Japanese university and beer giant Sapporo.

I should write a song about barley for the Space Station 1 Suite. Something about barley eaters. "Gladiator", means barley eater. They would fatten up the fighters on barley porridge so that stab wounds wouldn't reach vital organs. I suppose there could be a fat person on board in the stranded space station crew. He, or she would tip the scales!

Ghostly Echo

Echo of Tycho Supernova of 1572

A brilliant new star appeared on the sky in early November 1572. Precise measurements of the star position by the Spanish scientist Jerónimo Muñoz, professor at the University of Valencia, and the Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe, revealed that the star was located far beyond the Moon. This was inconsistent with the Aristotelian tradition that had dominated western thinking for nearly 2000 years. The supernova of 1572 was a cornerstone in the history of science and is today known as Tycho's supernova.

A Bass Found Me Today

$50 bass and Happy Phil 12/4/08

One of the first instruments I loved playing was an upright bass. Something about the low vibration fit well with the low vibration in my body when I sing, or speak. I loaned my last bass to someone about 15 years ago, and I don't think it's coming back. I got that bass in 1984 when I was doing some writing and recording and the music was incomplete without a bass part.

I went to Guitar Center in San Francisco and explained to a guy there what I was hoping to find. "I would like a bass for about $50. I only need it for recording my demos.", I said. "Maybe there is a funky old bass in the back somewhere?"

The guy asked a guy in the back if there was a trade in or a broken bass that was in a corner somewhere, and the guy said; "Yeah, I think I have just what you need." He sold it to me for $50, in 1984, and it provided the bass parts for many a song until I let a bass player borrow it for a gig one night.
Well now I am all excited about the Global Music Project and the songs we are writing and recording, but they really could use a bass part.

Earlier today, I set out to see if I could duplicate that magic, $50, bass moment.

My instinct led me to Bernie's Guitars, where I told Bernie my magic bass story and, that here I was in a pile of new songs again, without a bass, and did he have something like that in the back?
He spoke to Mike, who was in the back, and he came out with just what I was looking for. Bernie asked me if I would pay $50 for it. I got goose bumps, and could barely contain my joy, and said; "Sure, thank you."

I am blessed.

I have already added bass parts to 4 of the Space Station 1, songs. You can hear them HERE .

I finally used up the last of the turkey from Thankgiving.

That reminds me, I got this from my neighbor, Jo Anna;
Southbank - Turkey Shoot

It's a lot of fun.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Mr. Bass Man - The Side Kicks

Happiness Is The Key To Success.
Albert Schweitzer

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