Monday, February 16, 2009

Hopeful and Happy

Long Presidents Day Weekend

I Love These Baby Pictures

Aww, ain't it cute? DNA test will determine sex.

Lemur baby with stuffed mom in incubator.

There is a contest to name this one. How about Regis?

Venus Is Hot Stuff

Infrared image of Venus...(photo credit-NASA)

Car of the Future, Today.

Aptera 2E

The 2e is scheduled to begin rolling off the Vista, California, assembly line this October for an as-yet-to-be-determined price between $25,000 and $40,000. Charge it overnight from your 110-volt home outlet, and it's claimed to have a range of 100 the carpool lane, if you wish. It has an estimated top speed of 90MPH, and can go from 0-60 in less than 10 seconds.

I would certainly take one of these.

According to this article; 4,ooo of these have already been ordered by customers, (one of whom is Robin Williams), who are awaiting delivery by the end of the year.

Hop in

Wow! That's A Burger!

Men's Health

Denny’s Double Cheeseburger

1,540 calories
116 g fat (52 g saturated, 7 g trans)
3,880 mg sodium

Add this to our ever-expanding list of the Trans-Fattiest Foods in America. (This burger has more than three days' worth of the stuff.) In fact, with as much saturated fat as 52 strips of bacon and more sodium than 21 small bags of Lay’s potato chips, this burger also belongs on the salt-packed list of 20 Foods Your Cardiologist Wouldn’t Eat.

If I ever want a burger,
which I rarely do, I guess it would not be at Denny's. The senior specials are pretty good sometimes, depending on who is cooking, and which Denny's. But, then again, I haven't been to Denny's lately.

Miracles and Coincidences

Chris and I used to laugh at ourselves when "magic" didn't happen. We were so accustomed to magic and miracles in our daily life, that a "normal" moment would leave us wondering what the heck went wrong? We were thankful, and aware that we were experiencing life at a level that one might only find in a legend or fairy tale, it was our norm.

People would treat us as though our presence was a special event.
Our time together was blessed with once in a lifetime events on a regular basis.
"I love you's", were punctuated with meteors, rainbows, singing birds, and all manor of magic.
Owners of restaurants would often treat us like royalty and prepare something special, "On the house."
We could be in the middle of nowhere, and musicians would pop out of the bushes to join me in serenading my sweetheart. One time on a deserted beach, a guy showed up with his trombone!

We saw miracles everywhere we looked. That's the secret. Everywhere we looked, we saw magic.

"You read about heaven in your book.
It's all around you if you take a look."

-Phil Seymour, 1970

If we weren't seeing
magic and miracles, it was because we weren't looking.

I have come to believe
that the magic is nonstop, God is everywhere, in all things, all the time, if I look. I love my life. The "coincidences" continue to fill me with joy and wonder, every moment of every day. One lifesaving miracle for me is knowing that even though I am on my own, the "magic" is still here.

I have 3 houseplants.
Sandi brought them into my apartment last year.

They are still alive!

I try to water them when they get dry.

I even made a watering jar to remind me.

The watering jar
has become a part of the stuff on top of the refrigerator and no longer screams, "Water the plants!". The plants are forced to tell me themselves. They do. They adopt parched postures, in real life theater, to communicate a need for water.
They are very good at this.
They aren't dead yet.

No Life Without Plants

How Plants Power the Planet
I am reading a book about the importance of plant life to all life on Earth. It's an eye-opener that I have been reading before I go to sleep. It is sort of a history of how the different disciplines of the sciences merged with the discovery of carbon 14. (I hope I didn't give away the plot and spoil it for you.)

Coincidentally, I found an article from Popular Science that addressed how specific frequencies of light affect houseplants.
It had this visual aid.

The wavelengths of visible light that plants use to live
What Does It All Mean?
I had a dream last night, actually around 10 AM, just before the alarm woke me.

It took place in Hollywood,
as it was in 1967 when I lived there. I was walking down Hollywood Boulevard with a guy who had recently gotten out of jail after his tour of Vietnam, (Tour? Who came up with that euphemism?), and we came upon another man ranting to a small crowd on the corner. He was dealing with the same problem as my friend, so after the crowd dispersed, I invited him to come over and talk with us. I had a feeling that we would find an answer to their troubles in that spot, at that moment. I looked up at the first guy, (They were both very tall), and said...(That's when the alarm went off!)

Here's an Idea
I just thought of a handy program for my computer, if it doesn't already exist. A place called quarantine. I could send dubious or questionable downloads there to;
A. See it I really need it.
B. See if it is doing anything strange.
C. Allow time for me to check the Internet to see if it's some bad thing that's going around before I let it out.

The reason I am writing about this, is a recent download of Real Player. I have used Real Player in the past. I even sent away for the actual disk, back in the 90's, so I know it's a legitimate company. But, one can never be too sure these days.

I am seeing it's icon in my "Dock", wanting me to download more stuff, and I am not sure I want to do that. Therefore...Quarantine!

I guess for now, I will just make a folder called quarantine and put downloads there for a week or two while I make sure they are not toxic.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Ukulele Lady -Muppets

Life Is A Miracle

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