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Fast Food?

Thanks to Jerry for "barnyard humor" e-mail.

"As soon as you make something idiot proof someone goes and invents a better idiot."

-David M

The quote above is a reply to the following article in Techdirt;

Can The Solution To Spam Be Hoax Spam?

from the creative...-but... dept

Kevin Stapp points us to a proposal by Glyn Moody that one way to tackle the spam problem is to have the government send out more spam itself. Yes, it sounds crazy at first, but there's more to the plan. The basic idea is that the sort of folks who fall for spam are likely to click on the links found in this "fake" spam as well -- and we'd then use that as an opportunity to "educate" those poor deluded fools to stop clicking on spam links or responding to spam emails.

This is funny to me because just tonight, I got an e-mail suggesting that I was being sent a $1,000 Best Buy gift card. Since I recently made a purchase at Best Buy and filled out a customer survey, I thought it might be related to the survey. Ha, ha. A couple of pages in, I realized this had nothing to do with my Best Buy survey offer, but instead it was about to release a deluge of spam if I clicked one more time. Whew, I am glad I have an e-mail address that I use just for special offers, etc. Still, even as savvy as I might think I am, I almost fell for the old, "Collect your prize", trick.


Whales when they were land animals.

A rare fossil of an ancient whale
with a fetus still inside reveals that its species -- an ancestor to modern whales -- gave birth on land 47.5 million years ago.

It looked like an improbable cross between a cow, whale, shark, alligator and sea lion.

Great Snakes!

A python creeps over a vertebra of a Titanoboa cerrejonensis

Imagine, a 42 foot snake that weighed 2,500 pounds, and was wide enough to reach as high as a persons hips.
The fossilized remains of several 60 million year old giant snakes were found in a Colombian coal mine.
That's probably where Paul Bunyan went to make his boots.

British Penguins First Snow

Video of penguins in England experiencing their first snow;

Click HERE.
Mouse Brain Art

Modern art from stained, sliced, gray matter.

These neurons from the hippo-campus
of a mouse were genetically altered with fluorescent proteins from jellyfish to create about 90 shades of color. The Harvard researchers who invented this technique call it "Brainbow"; the vivid hues help researchers observe the complex interactions between brain cells.

I recommend that you click on "Brainbow", (above), to see more.

As Promised

Somewhere in here is your star, Marian.

The Coma Galaxy Cluster, in the northern constellation of Coma Berenices, the hair of Queen Berenice, is one of the closest very rich collections of galaxies in the nearby Universe. The cluster, also known as Abell 1656, is about 320 million light-years from Earth and contains more than 1000 members.

Also known as Abell 1656, the Coma Cluster is over 300 million light-years away. The cluster, named after its parent constellation Coma Berenices, is near the Milky Way’s north pole. This places the Coma Cluster in an area that is not obscured by dust and gas from the plane of the Milky Way, and so is easily visible to observers here on Earth.

One of the stories;
The constellation COMA BERENICES
represents the beautiful hair of Queen Berenice of Egypt. She was so concerned for the safety of her husband Ptolemy III when he went off to war, that she vowed to cut off her glorious long hair as a sacrifice to Venus, should he be spared. When he eventually returned safely home, she kept her promise, and Zeus placed her beautiful hair in the heavens to shine among the stars.

Locating Coma Berenices

More on Coma Berenices in future posts.

MediCal Approves My Surgery
I got a phone call from Dr. Grady's office this morning.
He can do my hernia repair on the 23rd.

I am blessed. I have learned to live joyfully in the moment, appreciating Gods wonders as I experience them. This keeps me occupied with happiness and gratitude, so it seems like it was just a few months ago,(October), that I went to the emergency room in need of an immediate operation to repair my hernia. I know it sounds kind of funny, but I really have been spending my time focused on the good things in my life. It was a much better use of my consciousness than worrying and fussing about how long it would be until I got relief from the pain.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life
-Monty Python

My days are filled with blessings

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