Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Sunday

Steelers Win Sixth Superbowl

Santonio Holmes' winning catch

Ben Roethlisberger enjoys moment of victory

It was quite a game, (4 hours from beginning to end). Just about any and every possible play was played and the outcome was uncertain right up until the end.

Al and John explain what we are watching.

3D Promo At Half Time

I'm sure these will come in handy in the future

The 3D on TV was actually pretty good. It made a difference. If you missed it, there is a show on TV Tuesday that's in 3D.

I make My First DVD

I wave at one of the cameras filming me filming me.

Filming me filming me watching the endless pre-game.

It took a number of tries, but once I set all the parameters and audio/video options, I got some usable raw footage. Then it was time to tryout the new iMovie software.
The old iMovie editing interface had a timeline and audio tracks that look similar to professional software.

The new iMovie editor looks like Garage Band.
Eventually, I managed to learn this different iMovie method of audio/video editing, and it was on to iDVD. This was my first expeience with iDVD. It has easy directions and can make simple or complex DVD recordings.

For what I am doing at the moment, I am happy with the results and look forward to making more iDVD's in the future.

Video editor and host, iPhil 2/1/09

New Comet To See This Month

Keep an eye out for Comet Lulin this month.
Comet Lulin, just discovered in 2007 and making what might be its maiden swing through Earth's neighborhood, should be visible in the sky throughout this month, drawing closest to our planet on February 24.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

There Gonna' Put Me In The Movies
Act Naturally

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