Saturday, February 21, 2009

Just Roll With It

Things Change

Happy Phil on Friday....................2/20/09
Expecting the future to be just like you planned it, doesn't always work out. Like the weather forecast, our expectations can be met with a different reality.

One of the things
I have finally learned to incorporate into my day to day existence, is to accept change with a smile, adjust my expectations, and move along. I used to get upset because the world wasn't doing what I expected it to do. "That guy turned left without a signal, grrrr!", "They, him, her, is,(are), out to make my life miserable!", "Etc.".

For the most part
, it's just life. It's not a personal attack, don't take it so seriously. The future simply didn't satisfy the terms of my expectations.

I got a call from Dr. Grady, last evening. My lab tests revealed a high white blood cell count. My operation wont be on Monday as planned. I will go to his office Tuesday morning and we will try to figure out what is going on. An existing infection is dangerous when having surgery. He was thinking it could be the tooth that I am waiting to have pulled. (I am waiting for DentiCal to approve a, "partial", to fill the gap, before they pull my broken tooth.)

I could argue
that the pain from my cracked tooth is not as intense as the pain from my inguinal hernia, and I want it fixed now, but what would be the point? Instead, I will find some fun stuff to occupy my time until Tuesday morning when I will see the doctor.

I could be upset all weekend,
unhappy and angry, blaming this and that because things aren't working out the way I wanted.

Or, I could enjoy myself.

Happy Phil today.....................2/21/09
I choose happiness.

Comet Watch

Comet Lulin, imaged from space. (Photo credit-NASA)

Lulin from Arizona backyard. (Photo credit-Sid Leach)

The NASA photo is from 2007. The Sid Leach picture was taken January 27, 2009. It will be at it's closest point on February 24, so you should be able to see it for the next few nights, if the skies are clear.
Look To The East
Around 10PM

Binoculars might help from city locations.

There is the possibility of clouds and rain here in Redding, but one never knows.

Mount Shasta Cam

This is cool.

I was reading about an avalanche warning for Mount Shasta, and I found a link to the Mount Shasta Cam. That is so cool. I can look on the computer to see what conditions are like for photographing Mt. Shasta, before I step outside and look. Ha, ha, ha, really. I like it.

Dawn Voyage Video

Fun voyage of the Dawn Spacecraft video
I Like Popeye


In the 1950's, I had a subscription to Popeye comics. I really enjoyed the stories, especially the ones with the Sea Hag, or the Little Poor Girl.

Things were different then.

The artist Bob Sagendorf, drew and signed a poster sized cartoon of Popeye for my 2nd wife, Kathy, and me in the early 1970's. I wonder if she still has it?

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Come On Get Happy
One guy sings close 4 part harmony

Things Change

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