Thursday, February 19, 2009

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After All

Here are a few things
I found while meandering on the web today;

Glacier Gloves

If you are like me, and some of you are, your hands get cold easily. For most people, this is not a big deal, but for some people, the cold is just the first stage in a series of levels of pain that is best avoided. According to the review, these gloves will keep your hands warm, dry, and flexible under the most severe of conditions. You can find out more at Glacier Gloves

On line Doctor?

Wellsphere worked well for me

Wellsphere is one of the 5
medical sites I found in a review today. It worked well. The main page was open and uncluttered. (Must have been designed by someone like me.) I tried the search feature with the word, "hernia". It gave me a good choice of information links that led me to 2 video's.

The first video was an inside look at laproscopic surgical repair. (I wouldn't reccommended this for those who might be nervous or apprehensive about up-coming hernia repair surgery.) As far as I know, I am scheduled for Monday.

The second was a lengthy discussion, with pictures and arrows, that was very informative.

The written articles and information at the Wellsphere site were helpful, too.

If you have medical questions, you may want to try one, or more, of these;
5 Medical Sites

The Future Of Manufacturing
Nano Tubes
This model of a rotating Carbon nanotube shows its 3D structure.

I am still promoting the conversion of Co2 into Oxygen and Fullerenes.

Popular Science has published
articles about the possible uses of fullerenes in armor. I hadn't heard of that one before.

The Hubble Telescope

Actual picture of Hubble Space Telescope in space.

Debris from last weeks satellite collision could keep the repair team from fixing the Hubble. Apparently the combination of bits and pieces from this Russian collision, and the leftover debris from the satellite the Chinese blew up with a guided missile, makes getting to the Hubble a dangerous endeavor for the shuttle. If the Hubble is not repaired and maintained, it will cease to function in about 2 years.

Hope For
Tropical Rainforest Recovery

Clear cuts like this can recover in 20 years or so.

From Discovery News-Deforestation is generally considered to be bad news, especially in the tropics. But there may be some hope: In many places, trees are growing back, according to new research, and some of the new forests are nearly as diverse as the old ones were.

Counting Stars

Image of M82 from Galaxy Zoo 2

Want to be part of the world
of cosmology? You can. Visit You sign up, and are given pictures to examine and classify. Your data is then combined with others observations to help catagorize the millions of new galaxy's and space phenomena that are being discovered.

Or, you can go there and look at the cool slide show like I did.

Here in Redding

Yesterday by the Sacramento river. 2/17/09

I was at the park
by the river, under a gazebo, watching the rain fall and the river flow. What a great place to live. I am so thankful that I get to spend this time of my life here.

Todays Relatively Appropriate Song;
Ballad Of Bernie Madoff
-Flinch Studio

Laughter Is The Best

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