Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Easy On The Treacle

Mad Hatter Tea Party

Hat competition at the Treehouse Senior Apartments.

Whimsy was the word for the mad hatter tea party. It was nice to see my neighbors out and about for the fun of it. I took a series of pictures, but these two were my favorite stories.

Looks like characters from an Agatha Christie Mystery.

Make Your Own Flip Flops

Made in USA flip flop

If you were wondering,
"Now that I have a new yoga mat, what will I do with the old one?", here's your answer; Make-Flip-Flops-from-a-Yoga-Mat

Good Eatin'

Bucket of Oprah thigh? (photo-The Onion)

Truth in advertising

Somebody told me about free coupons for KFC. It was a promotion on the Oprah show. Yes, some of my friends watch Oprah, and some of them eat the stuff at KFC.

My friend, Pattie, asked me if I had heard about the coupons and I said yes. A friend sent me the link in an email. I told her I eat real food and wouldn't wish that crap on anyone I cared about. Pattie was disappointed. She had hoped I would go on line and get her a coupon or two. I told her it was too late, the free coupons were no longer available.

Here is the free coupon. If you like eating creatures that have spent their lives with an endless stomach ache in a corporate chicken factory, you could print the coupon and try to use it.

Your introduction to diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

UPDATE; The free KFC/Oprah coupon deal has been suspended. Franchise stores were swamped by mobs of people with coupons. Lines were blocks long. Supplies ran out. Riots erupted. Things didn't work out as planned. Coupons will be good again sometime in the future, say KFC spokespersons.

Squid TV

Cuttlefish changing colors

Scientists have made a new type of TV screen that uses the same method of display as the cuttlefish. The new/old technology would require 100x less electricity to function than current TV's.

Todays Relatively Appropriate Song;

Alice and the Mad Hatters Tea Party

There's More. Click HERE

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