Saturday, May 9, 2009

Friday Night

Looking At The Moon

The moon as seen from where I write this tonight. 5/8/09

"Happy Feet", now showing for free. Wide screen, high definition, 5.1 dolby digital sound, in my living room, thanks to rabbit ear antenna and broadcast digital TV. Wow!

Some things are just dandy in these tough economic times. Even with all the stuff we can complain about, this country is still the best place I know, to be alive today. I have written about the advantages of a good education and access to information and the freedom to use it. I am fortunate to have been born where and when I was. Even though I may not have found all the answers I sought in the schools I attended, there were classes and subjects then, that are no longer part of the American education system. It's a shame that the schools only teach kids to pass tests now, but today a curious young person has access to more information than I could have imagined, available 24 hours a day, right under their fingertips. THE INTERNET.

No Wi-Fi? No Worry.

Internet access that fits in your pocket.

The Mifi is a tiny, battery powered EVDO modem from Verizon that turns the incoming 3G radio waves into a small Wi-Fi network, enabling you to hook up your laptop, iPod Touch or anything else with a Wi-Fi radio. With this, the iPod Touch can be used as a phone! Like a router, more than one device can use it at a time, and it works anywhere there is a cell phone signal.
Story at Wired

From Where I Sit

The view from a chair.

Last night I sang and played at the Blues Jam. John and Mark, from the Valentines Blues Band, accompanied me, along with a drummer and a guy on the sax. Helen even came up to the microphone to play a flute solo during my little rendition of, "California Dreamin'." We are still looking for a drummer that fits our needs, but it is so nice that there are plenty of drummers who like to play with us anyway.

John Harrison-Guitar Player

John, Mark and Happy Phil at Lulu's.

John Harrison-Violin Maker

John shows me the difference between old and new tops.

Cello Player Painting

"Studio Musician"- Robert Schefman

On March 4, 2009, I wrote a post called, Happy To Be A Musician. In my search for the perfect illustration that expressed how a musician looks and feels, I found one by Robert Schefman. "Studio Musician", captures the love of playing and the years of dedication to coax the voice from our instruments. The cello requires enough hand strength to apply pressure, sensitivity and technique with the bow or the hand. Artist, Robert Schefman, exposes the tension, strength, and grace in this woman playing the cello.

Imagine my surprise when I checked my email and there was one from Robert Schefman. He wrote;

"I saw my artwork on your site. I was contacting you to give permission, as permission is really required to use images that are copyrighted. You gave me credit on the image, play guitar and enjoy Lotus-based automobiles (Tesla), that qualifies for permission. If interested, you may check out my latest exhibition at the Timothy Yarger Gallery in Beverly Hills, CA."

I did check out his latest exhibition, on the internet, and you can too. EXIBITION

Thank you Robert.

When Is My Surgery?

The Surgeon- Perez

My hernia is still awaiting repair. Surgery is being rescheduled and they will inform me of the next available opening, (my pun). When Sandi, (My ride to and from the hospital), asked me for an update and I told her they would call and let me know, she said; "He must be really good."

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Deja Vu - Crosby, Stills and Nash


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