Friday, May 22, 2009

For My Birthday

New DooDad

Happy Phil gets his Icicle.

One of the reasons
I opted to get a new Macbook was for the portability. I like the idea of recording the sounds of nature, or even vocal tracks or acoustic instruments in great sounding locations. The only thing that I felt was lacking was being able to use really good microphones in places where there is no electricity. High quality condenser microphones require 48V of phantom power to function. This means I need my mixer or a power supply to use my condenser mic's in the woods or on location, (Like the agregate plant with the cool echoes.), or I need the, "Icicle".
I sent off for one.

Open the box.

What's this?

I opened the box, and inside were a bunch of special offers, the invoice and return sticker, the icicle, and a plastic mailer for my old cell phone. "Cell Phones For Soldiers", seemed like a cool thing to do with my old cell phone. I had been keeping the phone in the glove compartment of the Buick, for emergencies, (911 still works on it), but if I could send it to a soldier, cool.

There was a website on the bag and I checked it out. A soldier doesn't get my phone, but an organization that a couple of kids started, gets some money from the recycler that they use to buy pre paid phone cards that they send to soldiers. Still, a good thing.

While I was deleting data from my old phone, I was reminded how much I liked that phone. I had rounded up the charger, the car charger, the manual, and the phone and thought, "This is still a good phone, I'm keeping it." I figure I'll just put it back in the glove compartment in case of emergency, since it wouldn't be going to a soldier anyway.

Why do our soldiers
need to pay for phone calls? They should have government issued iPhones for their service to our country. They deserve it.

The XLR to USB device


The flip side.

So I plug the microphone
cord into one end of the icicle, plug the cord to the USB input on my computer, and my condenser microphone is operational without a mixer or external power supply.

Next stop, recording in the great outdoors.

Just Minutes Away

Lake Shasta

Whiskeytown Lake

I have been ready to go out and record for two days now. I couldn't figure out why I kept being diverted until I looked at the local newspaper. It's a holiday weekend. The lakes and rivers are packed with noisy monkeys! There will be no peaceful place in the woods or on the water for a few days.

Had planned on going west to Whiskeytown because its only 15 or 20 minutes away, but there was an accident that had 299 backed up for 3 hours around the time I planned to go.

Thought I might go
up the road to Lake Shasta, it's only 15 minutes away, but I got a report that it's packed with drunken college kids. I will try to slip over to the aggregate plant and try for an echo track, tomorrow.

For Tonight...

Trader Joes columbian supreme decaf.

For now, I have some good books I am reading, the Tonight Show is coming on, and with a tasty cup of arabica bean Trader Joes decaf at my side, I can truly feel blessed to have a home, (with A/C), here in Redding on a Memorial Day weekend.

Oh yeah, Thursday was my birthday.

I sang and played with The Valentine Blues Band at Lulu's.

You can see pictures and more stuff. Click HERE

Drive Safely

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