Thursday, May 28, 2009

Heaven Is All Around Us


Happy Phil steps out into the nice, warm, 100's. (8:00PM)

I have been recovering, (loafing), today. The band rehearsed yesterday. I can see that future rehearsals should have a 1 hour limit, no matter how much fun we are having.

The rehearsal was recorded with GarageBand, using 1 condenser microphone. I got to use the, "Icicle XLR to USB", doodad, plugged into the Macbook.

It may take some time to paste together something to share with you, but I have a couple of ideas.


Mercury from 1st flyby

Mercury on second flyby

The top view uses images from Mercury flyby 1, with the thin crescent of Mercury imaged during approach forming the right portion of the globe and the fuller departure view showing Caloris basin forming the left side and majority of the view. The black strip between the approach and departure images is a portion of Mercury's surface not viewed by MESSENGER during the flybys. Similarly, the approach and departure images obtained during Mercury flyby 2 yielded the bottom view. The top and bottom projections are centered on 180° and 0° longitude, respectively.

Our Little Planet

Messenger view of Earth

This image shows how Earth and its orbit (blue line) appear from the perspective of the MESSENGER spacecraft. The positions of the Sun, Mercury and Venus are marked when they appear in the 30-degree field of view. When visible, the apparent size of the Sun is shown. Positions of stars with magnitude 9 or brighter are shown.

Mercury Surface Movie

This is a still from a movie of Mercury's surface.
Click here to watch this movie

Lots more cool stuff
from Messenger, HERE

Coffee Anyone?

I Googled, "Shade Grown", the other day and found 100's of sites about shade grown coffee. I wrote a little piece about it on my other blog, (THERE), but there were too many pictures for the other format.

Here are some pictures from the Varzea da Onco tour.
Take Tour

Each flower will turn into a coffee, "cherry".

On the branch

Stages of ripening

Hand picked

Shade Grown is best.

Our Little Planet

Earth from lunar orbit. SELENE project, JAXA.

Japan’s space agency, JAXA has a spacecraft called KAGUYA carrying out observations of the moon from lunar orbit.

KAGUYA, (SELENE), launched on September 14, 2007.

Amazing Video, HERE.

My Upstairs Apartment

The trusty Buick awaits my next adventure. 5/27/09

The weather report
is calling for mountain thunderstorms all this week and next week too. I see a photo, video, recording adventure in my near future. I am thinking of going east, toward Lassen. I really enjoy thunder and lightning.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Knock On Wood - Eddie Floyd

I Love This Place

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