Friday, May 29, 2009

It Takes Fewer Muscles To Smile Than To Frown.

Odd, Isn't It?

Cartoon Come To Life?

This little Pygmy Jerboa is for real, and on You Tube
Pygmy Jerboa

Wall-E For Real?

A fully functional Wall-E from Uruguay-based Elso Lopez.

I thought I was a little overly impressed by the movie, Wall-E, but I am reading about a world wide group of people who build operational Wall-E robots! They have a membership of 3,000 fans of the movie, who are building their own characters from the animated feature about a little robot/trash compactor. If you haven't seen Wall-E, I recommend that you do. It is even available in the Redbox $1 DVD-vending machines.

It is one of 3 movies I would actually buy. The other 2 are; Blazing Saddles, and Happy Feet. I almost bought theWall-E DVD, at Target. It would have cost $30 with tax, so I decided I would wait and rent it for $1, whenever I feel like watching it. I am still keeping an eye out for a High Definition download. That might be interesting.

The Wall-E robot makers, are making operational versions of the other robot characters from the movie.

Wall-E, the bug-eyed robot star of the movie, is clearly the hot favorite in this DIY community. But other robots from the film, such as Eve, M-O and Autopilot, have also been brought to life. Some of the group’s homemade bots will be on display this weekend at the Maker Faire, a festival of DIY arts, crafts and technology in San Mateo, California.

Russian Wall-E PC

This Wall-E is even more amazing. Made in Russia!

If you read Russian, you can go here; Моддинг корпус - Робот Валл-и

If you would like
to see the impressive step by step process used to make this personal computer, in English, you can go HERE.

Waitin' On The Storm

Possible thunder storm to the west. 5/29/09

Mountain thunderstorms
are in the forecast through next week. This evening they developed in the coastal ranges, but began to dissipate by the time they got close to here.
I hope to capture an image and a good recording of at least one lightning flash and accompanying thunder in the next few days.

In the meantime, it's just beautiful.

Sundown 5/29/09

Today's relatively Appropriate Song;
I Don't Miss You - The Phil Seymour Band


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