Thursday, May 7, 2009

Seven D'Mayo

This Means Something
Jalapeno Jack cheese and roast beef sandwich.

Eating healthy keeps me happy.

If I eat crap, I feel like crap.

The saying,
"you are what you eat", is demonstrably true. So is the modifier, "you are how much you eat". I guess for cannibals, it's who you eat. This leaves where, when and why.

When I see a fast food place, I don't associate it with anything healthy or nutritious, so why would I eat there. I don't. I did, when I didn't know any better. ( Ignorance is heart disease, diabetes, obesity and depression.)

A Flare To Remember

Big solar flare is relief for worried scientists. 5/6/09

Solar flares rise and fall on an 11-year cycle, and last year marked what scientists thought was the solar minimum. But through the beginning of 2009, the sun stayed unusually quiet. That changed yesterday, when a major sunspot appeared on the backside of the sun, where it was captured by NASA’s STEREO instrument.

Hold The Mayo

Cornstarch-modified is another term for MSG.

I try to eat
as much organic, natural food like we humans are designed to digest, but in this modern world, packaging and processing often don't include nature. I try to read the labels before I buy stuff in jars, cans and boxes, but sometimes I don't have a magnifying glass to read the list of ingredients. This was the case with a jar of mayo that I got recently.

I like Miracle Whip
more than mayonnaise, but, in light of the economic collapse, I opted to buy the house brand mayo. It was about 1/2 the price of Miracle Whip. I used it to make the sandwich pictured at the top of this page. Looks good, doesn't it? It was incredibly salty. Checking the label on the jar explained why. When I used to eat the typical American diet, I wouldn't have noticed the excessive level of sodium, but after eating more carefully for a few years, it was like eating a block of salt.

Eating a diet
of the foods that God designed us to eat, provides the best results for a happy, healthy life.

Moonrise At Sunset

As the sun set, the moon rose, the camera clicked. 5/6/09

Trader Joe's
is now in Redding. It is a great success. Some businesses are not part of the economic downturn. I got some food there. Organic.

We pay extra to get food that hasn't been tampered with. Food that may have escaped the poisons and processing that produces the stuff we eat on a regular basis.

Todays Relatively Appropriate Song;
Zombie Reggae - Happy Phil Seymour

Thou Shalt Not Kill

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