Monday, May 11, 2009

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What Does It Mean?

I am reading an article about the brain.

The writer uses many examples to illustrate certain points in the story. One of these examples or commonalities that he uses is a lyric from a popular song. "Sweet dreams are made of this," sang Annie Lennox during her stint in the Eurythmics in the 1980s., writes the author. I think to myself, "So that's what she was saying!" I always heard, "Sweet dreams are made of these." I am pretty sure that fits the story in the song, better than, "this". I will have to look it up to be sure, (Although, printed lyrics are not always correct since they are often transcriptions.) Altered in translation, like the bible.

Most of us have discovered, at some point, that we have been singing the,"wrong", words to songs, sometimes for years! I have probably used a wrong word or phrase in half the songs I have performed for at least half a century. Some words are changed on purpose, to aim the song in a specific direction, to make it more, (or less), sexy. Some names are changed to make the song more personal or topical. Still, sometimes I just don't know what the singer is singing on a record, so, in the interest of expediency, I just make up something that sort of sounds like what might be the word(s). My apologies to anyone who actually knows the words, and has heard me sing, "Louie Louie".

I looked up the Annie Lennox song. Read the lyrics. Listened to her sing. Looked at the words while she sang them. My conclusion? The lyrics read, "this", but she sounds like she is singing, "these". The word that later rhymes with the word in question is, "seven sea's". I guess the answer is, "inconclusive", which rhymes with, "Jesus was born on December 25th".

Atlantis is on the way to the Hubble.

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